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  1. Standard Operating Procedure for Randomisations of EVM/VVPAT -reg.

    Some clarifications regarding percentage of (%age) of EVMs and VVPATs to be kept for first randomisation of EVMs and VVPATs.


    फ़ाइल सबमिट की गई

  2. General Instructions on Storage of Polled and Unpolled EVMs & VVPATs after Poll and Counting - Clariflcation - Regarding.

    (a)EVMs and VVPATs of Category 'C' (i.e. defective unpolled) shall be kept in a separate strongroom designated as ,Repair Room 
    (b) EVMs and VVPATs of Category'D' (i.e. unused reserve) shall be kept securely in a different strongroom, which shall not be in the vicinity of PC/AC strong room, so that EVMs and VVPATs of Category 'D' can be used for subsequent elections or any other purpose immediately alter polls.
    (c) In no case, EVMs and VVPATs of Category 'C' (i.e. defective unpolled) and EVMs and VVPATs of Category'D'(i.e. unused reserve) shall be mixed and kept in the same 


    फ़ाइल सबमिट की गई

  3. Standard Operating Procedure 1st Randomisation of EVM/VVPAT - regarding.

    During the General Elections to the Lok Sabha, the States/UTs rnay face the following scenarios, as in rnost cases, entire district either consists of one Parliamentary Constituency or part of it. Hence, allocation of'EVMs/VVPATs Asscrmbly Segment-wise may not have any relevance as ultimately they form the part of the Parliamentary Constituency having common ballot paper for the entire constituency during the elections. 


    फ़ाइल सबमिट की गई

  4. Destruction protocol for VVPAT paper slips of VVPATs generated during the Training and Awareness of EVMs and VVPATs - reg.

    The Commission has directed that all VVPATs paper slips generated during the training and awareness shall be destroyed using Paper Shredding Machine on a daily basis, in the presence of a Gazetted Officer duly nominated by the District Election Officer (DEO). A certificate shall be obtained from the Nodal Officer in-charge of Training and Awareness exercise regarding the daily destruction of all VVPAT slips as per Commissions directions. Further, the DEO shall submit a Certificate to the respective Chief Electoral Officer on P-3 day for the entire district attesting the compliance of these instructions.


    फ़ाइल सबमिट की गई

  5. Use of vehicles with GPS tracking Mobile-App based GPS Tracking for movement of EVM & VVPAT- reg'

    The Commission has accordingly reviewed the matter and has decided that following instructions shall be strictly followed in all future movement of EVMs and VVPATs: a) The end-to-end movement of all Reserve EVMs and VVPATs shall be carefully monitored at all times, for which all Sector Officers'vehicles with Reserve EVMs and VVPATs. b) There shall be a real time tracking and monitoring of the movement of EVMs and VVPATs through the GPS-enabled/Mobile App based GPS tracking used in the vehicles carrying EVMs and vvPATs. For this purpose, an 'EVM Control Room' shall be set up at DEO as well as CEO level, wherein the movement of EVMs and VVPATs shall be monitored and tracked through GPS Monitors and other related IT


    फ़ाइल सबमिट की गई

  6. Standard Operating Procedure on temporary storage of EVMs and VVPATs.

    The Commission has directed that apart from the above referred instructions, for kccping reserve EVMs and VVpA'l's, the following Standard Operating Procedure shall be strictly
    followed: (a) As far as possible, reserve EVMs anci VVPAT's shall be provided to Sector Officers/Zonal Magistrates on Poll Day. (b) In case reserve EVMs and VVPATs are to be provided to Sector OffrcerslZonal Magistrates before poll Day, the reser-ve EVMs and WPATs shall be kept at Government Building with proper security. In absence of Govt. Building, reserve EVMs and WPATs may be kept at police station in exceptional circumstance only with written approvai from the Chief Electoral Officer concerned. (c) The place of storage of reserve EVMs and VVPATs shall be identified and earmarked in advance and intimated to all contesting candidates/their agents. 


    फ़ाइल सबमिट की गई

  7. Deployment of Polling officials at Polling Stations regarding.

    The matter regarding deployment of one extra polling official to handle VVPAT unit and VSDU (which is used only in case of M2 M2-M3 VVPATs) has been reconsidered by the Commission and it is directed that no extra polling official is require{ to handle the VVPAT' unit and watch the WI'}AI' status Display Unit (VSDU), whether State is using M2 VVPATs or M2-M3 VVPATs or M3 VVPATs. 3. The Commission further directed that the Polling Officer/In-Charge of the Control Unit (CU) shall also monitor the VSDU where M2 or M2-M3 VVPATs will be used 


    फ़ाइल सबमिट की गई

  8. Hiring of warehouse for EVM/VVPAT- regarding

    it was directed that the Chief Electoral Officers shall take immediate action for hiring of suitable warehouse building/premises to meet any shortfall in warehousing space for storage of required number of EVMs and WpATs in their States/UTs so that the smooth despatch, delivery and storage of EVMs and WPATs in not hampered. The Commission has considered the matter and decided that warehouse of Food Corporation of India (FCI), Central Warehouse Corporation (CWC) or States Warehouse Corporation sha1l be used for storage of EVMs/WPATs only as a last resort, after exhausting all other options.


    फ़ाइल सबमिट की गई

  9. General Instructions on Storage of Polled and Unpolled EVMs & VVPATs after Poll and Counting-Regarding.

    Chapter-10 (Instructions to Zonal/Sector/Area Officers regarding EVMs) of 'Manual on Electronic Voting Machine and VVPAT' (July 2018, Idocument 2- Edition 3), which is extracted below, stands deleted.
    "However, for safe storage rt EVMs o.f 'C'and 'D'categories by Zonal/Sector/Area Officers after poll, a separate storage-room shall be earmarked so that these EVMs can be stored safely before depositing in store room on the very next day. "
     In this regard, Para 6 of the Commission's letter No. 51/8/7/2014-EMS, dated 24th April, 2014, is reiterated which is reproduced as under:"It is reiterated that under no circumstances any person will take any EVM, whether polled EVMs or reserve EVMs in the custody of sector officers, to his home or any private place. All polled EVMs and all reserve EVMs after the poll shall be under cover of armed police a1 all times. Reserve FIVMs should also bc rcturned at thc same time when the polled HVMs are
    returned at the receipt center. Reserve EVMs shall not be kept in the strong room meant for polled EVMs.They shall be kept in another strong room meant lor keeping rescrve llVMs. It must be ensured that all reserve EVMs are also dcposited in the strong room meant lor reserve EVMs at the same time when the polled EVMs are deposited in the strong room meant for polled EVMs." 


    फ़ाइल सबमिट की गई

  10. Storage of security arrangements for EVMs & VVPATs - Custody of Warehouse Keys - regarding'

    The EVMs and WPATs should be stored :
    In Treasury, wherever Possible At District Head Quarters under exceptional circumstances, with reasons recorded in writing by DEO at Warehouse other than DistrictHQ but not belowTehsil HQs During Non-election period (After Election Petition Period to FLC/Before 1st randomization) - For EVM Warehouses Room at District Head Quarters, there shall be a double-lock system (two locks- Lock-1 and Lock-2), which should be held jointly by DEO and Dy. DEO, and all the keys of Lock-1 shall be in custody of DEO and all the keys of Lock-2 shall be in the custody of Dy' DEO' Handing over and taking over of keys to be a part of CTC. 


    फ़ाइल सबमिट की गई

  11. Keeping VVPAT paper slips of VVPATs generated during commission of EVMs and VVPATs- Regarding.

    The Commission's letter No. 51/84/VVPAT/2017-EMS, dated 5th December 2017, wherein it is prescribed that during commissioning of EVMs and WPATs in 100% VVPATs, one vote to each candidate shall be given to check that the VVPAT is printing the paper slips accurately.
     All such VVPAT paper slips should be stamped on their back side with rubber stamp having the inscription "TESTING VVPAT SLIP-VVPAT Commissioning", thereafter these slips shall be kept in thick Red colored envelopes and sealed with the seal of the Returning
    Officer. On the outside of this envelope,


    फ़ाइल सबमिट की गई

  12. General Instructions on Storage of Polled and Unpolled EVMs & VVPATs after Poll & Counting - Regarding.

    The Commission has issued instructions from time to time regarding proper storage of various category of EVMs and WPATs after Poll and counting of votes. However, it has come to the Commission's notice that despite clear instructions to the contrary, unused and unpolled EVMs and VVPATs are stored with the polled EVMs and WPATs in many cases, resulting in these unused EVMs & WPATs getting blocked with the polled EVMs, till the completion of EP period, making them unavailable for any other use. In order to avoid this problem and ensure that unused EVMs and VVPATs are free from any encumbrances, it is reiterated that After poll, all available EVMs and WPATs are divided in four categories, as under: Category A: P.oilgd EYMs & WPATs: Those EVMs in which votes polled at polling stations are recorded and which are closed at the end of poll after following due procedure.


    फ़ाइल सबमिट की गई

  13. Biennial/Bye Elections to the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Legislative Council from Graduates' and Teachers' Constituencies, poll for which is scheduled to be taken on 22nd March, 2019-Commission's order regarding Identification of electors.

    The Election Commission hereby directs that all electors at the current biennial/bye elections to the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council from East-West Godavari Graduates', Krishna-Guntur Graduates' Constituency & Srikakulam-Vizianagaram-Visakhapatnam Teachers' Constituency and current biennial/bye elections to Telangana Legislative Council from Medak-Nizamabad-Adilabad-Karimnagar Graduates' Constituency, Medak-NizamabadAdilabad- Karimnagar Teachers' Constituency & Warangal-Khammam-Nalgonda Teachers' Constituency who have been issued with their EPICs, shall have to produce these cards to exercise their franchise, when they come to the polling stations for voting at the current biennial/bye elections to the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council and Telangana Legislative Council from the said Constituencies, notified on 25th February, 2019(Monday). However, those electors, who are not able to produce their EPICs, will have to produce any of the following alternative documents for establishing their identity: -
    Passport, Diving License, PAN Card, Service Identity Card issued by the educational Institutions in which the electors of the concerned Teachers'/Graduates' Constituency may be employed, Certificate of degree/Diploma issued by University, in original, Certificate of physical handicap issued by competent Authority, in original, Service identity card issued to its employees by state/Central government, Public Sector Undertakings, Local bodies or other Private Industrial Houses. Aadaar Card, Official identity Cards issued to MPs/MLAs/MLCs.


    फ़ाइल सबमिट की गई

  14. GE to the House of the People, 2019 & the Legislative Assemblies & bye elections to 37 Assembly Constituencies of 12 States to be held simultaneously- Commission's Direction regarding transmission of postal ballot papers for service voters, electronically

    General Elections to the House of the People, 2019 and General Elections to the Legislative Assemblies of Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Odisha & Sikkim and bye elections to 37 Assembly Constituencies of 12 States to be held simultaneously - Commission's Direction regarding transmission of postal ballot papers for service voters, electronically.
    The Direction dated 20th March, 2019 issued by the Commission in terms of second proviso to sub-rule (1) of Rule 23 of the Conduct of Elections Rules, 1961, laying down the manner of transmitting postal ballot papers electronically for transmission of postal ballots for service voters at the current General Elections to the House of the People, 2019, State Legislative Assemblies of Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Odisha & Sikkim and bye elections to 37 Assembly Constituencies (as per Annexure-I) of 12 States. You are requested to forward copy of the Direction to the Returning Officers for electronic transmission of postal ballot papers to the service voters. This may also be communicated to District Election Officers and the other election authorities. The contesting candidates should also be briefed by Returning Officers IDistrict Election Officers in this regard.


    फ़ाइल सबमिट की गई

  15. Filing of Affidavit in Form 26 appended to the Conduct of Elections Rules, 1961- instructions - regarding.

    The Commission has issued detailed instructions from time to time, regarding filing of Affidavit by the candidates along with the Nomination papers and its dissemination.
    Complaints related to dissemination of affidavits filed by candidates on the website of the Chief Electoral Officers, poor quality of scanning, illegible affidavits, etc. have been received in the Commission. In this connection, copies of the following circular/letters are being sent herewith for ready reference and necessary action.


    फ़ाइल सबमिट की गई

  16. General Election to the Lok Sabha, 2019 - Assured Minimum Facility in Polling Stations- Regarding.

    ln continuation to the Commission's instructions No.464/INST-BMF/2013-EpS dated 27th January, 2014, No. 464/INST/2016-EPS dated 12th September, 2016 and No. 464/INST/2016-EPS dated 21't December, 2016. The Commission has re-considered the matter and directed that Assured Minimum Facilities (AMF) shall be provided by the DEOs at each polling station at the time of poll. These basic minimum facilities are:
    Provision for ramp - A ramp of slope 1:10 or less should be provided at the polling station to facilitate the PwD (Persons with Disabilities) voters, as per the directions of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of lndia. ln the polling stations where permanent ramps have not been provided, temporary ramp should be provided. Provision for drinking water - There should be a proper arrangement for drinking water facilitieg (300 Litres drinking water pot with disposable glasses) at the polling station(s). ln case, there is no provision for drinking water, make adequate arrangements at the polling station(s) for storage of drinking water pots and one employee or a daily wage-earner shall be deployed at the polling station(s) to refill the water pots and to serve water to the voters standing in the queue. Adequate Furniture - There should be proper provision for basic amenities like tables, chairs and benches for voters standing in the queue at the polling stations. Medical Kit - Make sure a Medical Kit containing Paracetamol medicine & items like gauze pads (4x4 inches)/ large gauze pads/ adhesive bandages/ rolling bandage/ORS/triangular bandages/ wound cleaning agent/scissors / blankeU tweezers/ adhesive tape/ latex gloves / resuscitation equipment etc., alongwith a medical attendant should be made available at each polling station for emergency use of voters. Proper lighting/Electricity arrangements - Make sure that the inside of the voting compartment is sufficiently lighted. lf necessary, arrangement for suitable lighting should be done for each compartment. However, halogen lamps or 200 watt bulbs to be strictly avoided directly above or in front of voting compartment. There should be proper electricity arrangements at the polling stations. lf the power connection is available, the condition of switches/bulbs/fans should be checked. lf power connection is not there, alternative arrangement should be made by hiring of generator sets etc. so that, on the poll day, those polling stations are properly lighted. Help Desk - ln the polling station locations having multiple polling stations, a help desk should be set up with the objective of providing assistance to the voter, facilitating the voters to locate their particular polling station and issuance of voter slips. The Help Desk shall be setup at a prominent spot so that the same is easily visible and approachable as voters visit the premise/building. The Help Desk should be manned by Booth Level Officer (BLO) who should be supplied with alphabetical list of electors. Proper Signage - Proper Signage should be put at the polling station locations for guidance of the voters about the route/layout of the location, facilities available (like ramp, toilet, drinking water etc) and Help Desk. Toilets - There should be separate toilet for men and women voters. lf two toilets are not available, pucca one should be earmarked for female voters and one temporary toilet may be provided for male voters. One employee or a daily wage-earner shall be deployed to keep the toilet clean throughout the day. Shade in Polling Station - Tented arrangement for shades with the size of 15 X 15 Sq Ft. should be made available at each polling station for the ladies/ senior citizens/differently-abled voters and children accompanying them. Volunteers - Volunteers from NCC/NSS/Scout & Guides/ Chunavi Pathshala should be deployed to manage the voters' queue. Volunteers should be provided to assist the PwD voters to reach the polling station. The volunteers shall guide the PwD electors upto the entrance of polling station. lnside the polling station, such PwD electors shall be assisted by polling staff. The age of volunteers should be less than 18 years. There should be arrangements for food for the volunteers engaged at the polling station on the day of poll. The CEO shall prepare a detailed 'Does and Don'ts' for the volunteers. Provision for Food - There should be an arrangement for food for the volunteers engaged at the polling stations during the poll day. Provision for Creche for children - There should be proper arrangement for creche at each polling station for children accompanying the electors. One trained attendant should be deployed to take care of these children. Provision for Transport Facility: Persons with Visual and Locomotive Disabilities and infirmed voters with impaired movement should be provided with public transport. lf public transport is not available, private vehicles should be hired for the purpose. Queue Management: There should be three queues at the polling station: one for male voters, one for ladies voters and another for senior citizens and PwD electors. As per present practice, one male elector should be allowed to vote per two female electors. Preference should be given to senior citizens and PwD electors. Display of Voter Facilitation Posters: As per present practice, there are four posters to be displayed at the polling station to disseminate information to the electors. These four posters should be numbered as ¼, 2/4,3/4 and 4/4 respectively.


    फ़ाइल सबमिट की गई

  17. Identification of electors - General Election to Lok Sabha, 2019 - Regarding.

    Referring to the Commission instructions No.464/INST/2016EPS, dated 21.12.2016 regarding display of Voter Facilitation Posters(VFPs) at polling Stations, wherein, the Commission had allowed Photo Voter Slip as an alternative document for identification. However, there have been representations against its use as a stand-alone identification document on the grounds of misuse as these are printed after the finalizations of the roll and distributed just close to the poll through Booth Level Officers. The design of Photo Voter Slip does not incorporate any security feature.
    ln view of the above facts, Commission decided and issued an instruction No'3/4/ID/2019/SDR/VOL.1, dated 28.02.2019, wherein it is stated that Photo Voter Slip shall not be accepted as a stand-alone identification document for voting and the voters are required to carry EPIC or one of the 11 alternative documents specified by the Commission for voting.
    ln this connection, the Commission has directed that the Voter Facilitation Poster, comprising the list of alternative documents as specified by the Commission for voting, to be modified suitably. The Chief Electoral Officers are requested to take note of the instruction and bring them to the knowledge of all the DEOs/Ros.


    फ़ाइल सबमिट की गई

  18. FAQs on Criminal Antecedents, if any, of a candidate and its publicity in pursuance of Hon'ble Supreme Court Judgment dated 25/09/2018 in W.P.(C) No. 536 of 2011- regarding.

    Reference is invited to the Commission's directions in letter dated 10/10/2018 issued in pursuance of Hon'ble Supreme Court Judgment dated 25/09/2018 in W.P.(C) No. 536 of 2011. In view of the various queries raised in this regard, a set of FAQs and clarifications in this regard is enclosed.
    After the election the candidates shall submit a report about publishing of declaration to the DEO and the Political parties to the CEO of the State. The Commission has provided formats C-4 and C-5 for this purpose. The formats are also enclosed. These shall also be circulated to the DEOs, ROs and all political parties based in the State.


    फ़ाइल सबमिट की गई

  19. Printing of photograph of candidate on ballot paper.

    The candidates shall be asked to submit an additional photograph along with the photograph affixed on the nomination paper. The two photographs should be identical and should be as per the specifications given in the Commission's direction dated 21st May, 2015, referred to above. Further, it is also directed that if a candidate does not submit additional copy of photograph for printing on the ballot paper, the photograph already affixed on the nomination paper shall be used for printing on the ballot paper.


    फ़ाइल सबमिट की गई

  20. Judgment of the High Court of Kerala at Ernakulam in WP(C) No. 7193 of 2019, B.S.Syamkumar Vs. State of Kerala & Ors.- use of eco friendly material in elections-regarding.

    In the Order dated 11th March, 2019, the Hon'ble High Court has taken note of the Commission's direction in the letter No. 4/3/2019/SDR dated 26.02.2019 regarding making our elections eco-friendly and passed the following Order: -
    "........... We also deem it appropriate to order that all candidates
    and the National/State Political Parties must strictly adhere to the
    aforequoted guidelines of the Election Commission, so that only the ecofriendly
    materials are used during the election campaign and there is no
    use of pvc Flex Boards and other such non bio-degradable materials as
    campaign material, in the State of Kerala. "
    The above said Order of the Hon'ble Kerala High Court and the Commission's instructions may be brought to the notice of all DEOs, ROs, other election authorities, candidates and political parties based in your State to ensure strict compliance of the Order.


    फ़ाइल सबमिट की गई

  21. Provisions of Section 126 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951-reg.

    Section 126 of the RP Act, 1951, inter-alia, prohibits election campaign activities through public meetings, processions, etc, and displaying of election matter by means of television and similar apparatus. The purpose sought to be served by this prohibition is to provide a period of tranquil (silence period) for the electors before the voting day.
    In a multi-phased election, the silence period of last 48 hours may be on in certain constituencies while campaign is ongoing in other constituencies. In such event, there should not be any direct or indirect reference amounting to soliciting support for parties or candidates in the constituencies observing the silence period. During the silence period, star campaigners and other Political Leaders should refrain from addressing the media by way of press conferences and giving interviews on election matters.


    फ़ाइल सबमिट की गई

  22. Making our Elections Eco-friendly

    All political parties should take adequate steps and measures to not use single-use plastic as campaign materials (posters, banners etc.,) during the elections in the interest of human health and environment.


    फ़ाइल सबमिट की गई

  23. Color of envelopes in Form 13B and Form 13C appended to Conduct of Elections Rules, 1961-regarding.

    Chief Electoral Officers to furnish to the Record/Unit offices blank envelopes for them to use the same for the service voters in various units for the Electronically Transmitted Postal Ballot Papers (ETPBs). There is no need to print the name of the State on such envelopes or any other particulars. Further, in cases where envelopes already printed contains description such as "Postal Ballot Paper", description of Form, etc., they may also be used for supplying to the Units.
    2. A question has been raised about the colour of such envelopes and also about cases where envelopes with description such as "Form 13C", Form 13B", "Postal Ballots" already printed. It is clarified that such envelopes should be of white colour. However, if envelopes have been printed in any other colour, they can be used and it is not necessary to print afresh in white colour


    फ़ाइल सबमिट की गई

  24. Application of Model Code of Conduct – GE to the House of the Lok Sabha, 2019 & State Legislative Assemblies in the State of Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Odisha & Sikkim & certain bye-elections.

    Application of Model Code of Conduct – GE to the House of the Lok Sabha, 2019 & State Legislative Assemblies in the State of Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Odisha & Sikkim & certain bye-elections.


    फ़ाइल सबमिट की गई

  25. Immediate action to be taken for enforcement of MCC after announcement of GE to the House of the Lok Sabha, 2019 & State Legislative Assemblies in the State of Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Odisha & Sikkim & certain bye-elections

    Immediate action to be taken for enforcement of MCC after announcement of GE to the House of the Lok Sabha, 2019 & State Legislative Assemblies in the State of Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Odisha & Sikkim & certain bye-elections


    फ़ाइल सबमिट की गई

ईसीआई मुख्य वेबसाइट

eci-logo.pngभारत निर्वाचन आयोग एक स्‍वायत्‍त संवैधानिक प्राधिकरण है जो भारत में निर्वाचन प्रक्रियाओं के संचालन के लिए उत्‍तरदायी है। यह निकाय भारत में लोक सभा, राज्‍य सभा, राज्‍य विधान सभाओं और देश में राष्‍ट्रपति एवं उप-राष्‍ट्रपति के पदों के लिए निर्वाचनों का संचालन करता है। निर्वाचन आयोग संविधान के अनुच्‍छेद 324 और बाद में अधिनियमित लोक प्रतिनिधित्‍व अधिनियम के प्राधिकार के तहत कार्य करता है। 

मतदाता हेल्पलाइन ऍप

हमारा मोबाइल ऐप ‘मतदाता हेल्‍पलाइन’ प्‍ले स्‍टोर एवं ऐप स्टोर से डाउनलोड करें। ‘मतदाता हेल्‍पलाइन’ ऐप आपको निर्वाचक नामावली में अपना नाम खोजने, ऑनलाइन प्ररूप भरने, निर्वाचनों के बारे में जानने, और सबसे महत्‍वपूर्ण शिकायत दर्ज करने की आसान सुविधा उपलब्‍ध कराता है। आपकी भारत निर्वाचन आयोग के बारे में हरेक बात तक पहुंच होगी। आप नवीनतम  प्रेस विज्ञप्ति, वर्तमान समाचार, आयोजनों,  गैलरी तथा और भी बहुत कुछ देख सकते हैं। 
आप अपने आवेदन प्ररूप और अपनी शिकायत की वस्‍तु स्थिति के बारे में पता कर सकते हैं। डाउनलोड करने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें। आवेदन के अंदर दिए गए लिंक से अपना फीडबैक देना न भूलें। 

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