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    No. ECI/PN/19/2019 Dated: 22nd February, 2019 PRESS NOTE Subject: Voter Helpline: 1950 In view of the impending General Elections, the Election Commission of India has strengthened its Voter Helpline to make it easy for the Voters to get authentic information pertaining to their voter registration. The range of services provided by the Helpline Number 1950 have been refurbished and made easily accessible. The enrolled electors in the Electoral Roll can check the details of their personal information, the Polling Station planned for them to visit on the Poll Day and to know the contact details of Booth Level Officers, Electoral Registration Officers and District Election Officers, by using the Voter Helpline Mobile App or through www.nvsp.in Portal or by calling 1950 Helpline Number. In the same line, services through SMS can also be availed by citizens by sending SMS without any cost to 1950. Formats in which such SMSs can be sent are: (i) ECI <EPIC Number> <0 (for reply in English) or <1 (for reply in the regional language). (ii) ECIPS <EPIC Number> This will fetch the address of the Polling Station, where the said EPIC Number bearer needs to go to cast the vote. (iii) ECICONTACT <EPIC Number> This will fetch the reply providing the sender with contact details of Booth Level Officers, Electoral Registration Officers and District Election Officers. Since mere possession of EPIC Card is not enough for the electors but their names should also be there in the electoral roll for enabling them to cast their vote on the poll day, it is necessary that the citizens/electors should check that their names figure in the electoral rolls. If they are not enrolled, they can submit Form 6 online through www.nvsp.in or submit the form through Mobile APP or hard copy to the respective ERO Offices. If there is any correction needed, they can submit Form 8 for necessary correction online through NVSP or through Mobile App or hard copy to respective ERO offices. Also if their addresses are changed within the part, they need to submit Form 8A on the same lines as above. It is also clarified that all these services can be obtained directly or by approaching the concerned officials appointed by the Election Commission of India. ECI has not authorized any intermediaries to provide these services.
  2. 941 downloads

    ECI/PN/18/2019 Dated: 18th February, 2019 PRESS NOTE Subject: Biennial Election to the Legislative Councils of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana by the members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) – reg. The term of five members each of Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council and Telangana Legislative Council elected by the members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) is expiring on 29th March, 2019, details are given as under: S.No. Name of the Member Date of Retirement ANDHRA PRADESH 1. Ponguru Narayana 29th March, 2019 2. Lakshmi Siva Kumari Anguri 3. Pamidi Samanthakamani 4. Ramakrishnudu Yanamala 5. Appa Rao Adireddy TELANGANA 6. Ponguleti Sudhakar Reddy 29th March, 2019 7. Mohd. Ali Shabbir 8. Thiruvaragarm Santosh Kumar 9. Mohmmed Saleem 10. Mohd. Mahmood Ali Now, the Commission has decided to hold Biennial Election to the Legislative Councils of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana by the members of respective Legislative Assemblies in accordance with the following schedule: S. No. Event Days and Date 1. Issue of Notification 21st February, 2019 (Thursday) 2. Last date of making nominations 28th February, 2019 (Thursday) 3. Scrutiny of nominations 1st March, 2019 (Friday) 4. Last date for withdrawal of candidatures 5th March, 2019 (Tuesday) 5. Date of poll 12th March, 2019 (Tuesday) 6. Hours of poll 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. 7. Counting of Votes 12th March, 2019 (Tuesday) at 5.00 p.m. 8. Date before which election shall be completed 15th March, 2019 (Friday)
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    No. ECI/PN/17/2019 Dated: 15th February, 2019 Press Note Subject : Shri Sushil Chandra takes over as new Election Commissioner Shri Sushil Chandra has assumed charge as the new Election Commissioner (EC) of India today on 15th of February 2019 and joins the Commission with Chief Election Commissioner Shri Sunil Arora and Election Commissioner Shri Ashok Lavasa. Sh. Sushil Chandra assuming charge as the new Election Commissioner of India Born on 15th May 1957 Shri Chandra is a 1980 batch Indian Revenue Service Officer. In the IRS service Shri Chandra has rendered his service in various States viz; Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Acquiring his academic proficiency from Roorkee University and LL.B. from D.A.V. College, Dehradun, Shri Chandra has worked extensively in the areas of International Taxation and Investigation at various places. Shri Chandra brings rich experience from his position of Director of Investigation, Mumbai and Director General (Investigation), Gujarat. Besides this, he has undergone various training programmes at Singapore, IIM Bangalore & Wharton. Prior to joining ECI Shri Chandra held the office of Chairman in Central Board of Direct Taxes, Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, and Government of India and was also Member (Investigation), C.B.D.T.
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    भा.नि.आ./प्रे.नो./16/2019 दिनांक 08.02.2019 प्रेस नोट विषय : भारत निर्वाचन आयोग द्वारा आगामी साधारण निर्वाचन 2019 के लिए मतदाता सत्‍यापन सूचना कार्यक्रम (वीवीआईपी) का शुभारंभ भारत निर्वाचन आयोग ने आगामी साधारण निर्वाचन 2019 के लिए नागरिकों हेतु उनके नामों, नए रजिस्ट्रीकरणों, मतदाता विवरणों में परिवर्तनों और मतदाता पहचान पत्रों में शुद्धि के लिए मतदाता सत्‍यापन एवं सूचना कार्यक्रम (वीवीआईपी) का शुभारंभ किया है। भारत निर्वाचन आयोग ने इस वीवीआईपी कार्यक्रम के लिए अनेक चैनलों से मदद ली है। भारत निर्वाचन आयोग ने समस्त भारत में सभी जिलों में सम्पर्क केन्द्र भी स्थापित किए हैं। वोटर हेल्पलाइन नम्बर 1950 है। कॉल करने वालों की सहायता करने के लिए सम्पर्क केन्द्रों में नवीनतम सूचना एवं टेलीकॉम अवसंरचना उपलब्ध करवाई गई है । साधारण निर्वाचन 2019 के संचालन के लिए वीवीआईपी कार्यक्रम का शुभारंभ सूचना एवं संचार प्रौद्योगिकी के प्रयोग से संबंधित 2 दिवसीय गहन प्रशिक्षण-सह-कार्यशाला के दौरान किया गया था । प्रशिक्षण-सह-कार्यशाला में सभी राज्यों एवं संघ शासित क्षेत्रों के मुख्य अपर निर्वाचन अधिकारियों, आईटी प्रभारियों, नोडल अधिकारियों, राज्य स्तरीय मास्टर प्रशिक्षकों एवं तकनीकी रिसोर्स व्यक्तियों ने भाग लिया । इस अवसर पर बोलते हुए, निर्वाचन आयुक्‍त, श्री अशोक लवासा ने कहा कि प्रौद्योगिकी की ताकत यह है कि इसे सभी लोगों के इस्‍तेमाल करने के लिए आसान बनाया जा सकता है। उन्होंने कार्यशाला में भाग ले रहे व्‍यक्तियों को इन विषयों को आत्मसात करने और आगे इन्‍हें सभी को व्यापक रूप से समझाने के लिए प्रोत्साहित किया । श्री लवासा ने प्रतिभागियों को स्मरण दिलाया कि भारत निर्वाचन आयोग के प्रयासों का केन्द्रीय थीम निर्वाचनों को अधिकाधिक समावेशी बनाना है। इन एप्‍लीकेशनों के प्रयोग से, उचित प्रतिक्रियाएं सुनिश्चित की जानी चाहिए क्योंकि नागरिक अच्छी गुणवत्ता वाली सेवाओं की मांग करते हैं । मुख्य निर्वाचन आयुक्त, श्री सुनील अरोड़ा ने कहा कि प्रौद्योगिकी वास्तव में एक प्रमुख स्थिति परिवर्तक है । प्रशिक्षण कार्यशालाओं में मुख्य उद्देश्य सुनना, सीखना, आत्मसात करना और उसका उपयोग करना होना चाहिए । उन्होंने संकेत दिया कि अब निर्वाचनों में कुछ ही समय बचा है और जो कुछ भी सीखा हुआ है उसे पूरी तरह समेकित करके मतदाता को सुविधाएं प्रदान करने में उसका उपयोग सुनिश्चित किया जाना चाहिए । सभी राज्यों एवं संघ शासित क्षेत्रों को जिन एप्लीकेशन के लिए प्रशिक्षण दिया गया था उनमें से एक महत्वपूर्ण एप्लीकेशन सी विजिल था । सी विजिल एप आदर्श आचार संहिता / व्यय उल्लंघन का समय अंकित करते हुए, साक्ष्य आधारित सबूत उपलब्ध करवाता है जिसमें अपने आप अवस्थिति सम्‍बन्‍धी आंकड़ों के साथ-साथ सजीव फोटो / वीडियो आ जाते हैं । कोई भी नागरिक मोबाइल एप के माध्यम से शिकायत दर्ज कर सकता है । उसके बाद उड़न दस्ते मामले की छानबीन करते हैं और रिटर्निंग अधिकारी निर्णय लेता है । निर्धारित समय सीमा के भीतर सी विजिल की वस्‍तुस्थिति को सी विजिल शिकायतकर्ता के साथ साझा किया जा सकता है । इस अवसर पर सी विजिल प्रयोक्ता मैनुअल एवं ईवीएम प्रबंधन प्रणाली प्रयोक्ता मैनुअल भी जारी किए गए । आज 'वोटर हेल्पलाइन' नामक एक नया एंड्राएड आधारित मोबाइल एप भी शुरू किया गया । यह एप सभी नागरिकों को निर्वाचक नामावली में अपने नामों को ढूंढने, ऑनलाइन फार्म भेजने, एप्लीकेशन की स्थिति की जांच करने, शिकायत दर्ज करने और अपने मोबाइल एप पर उत्तर प्राप्त करने की सुविधा प्रदान करता है । इस मोबाइल एप के माध्यम से सभी फार्म, परिणाम, अभ्यर्थी शपथ पत्र, प्रेस नोट, मतदाता जागरूकता और महत्वपूर्ण अनुदेश उपलब्ध हैं । दिव्यांग व्यक्तियों को नए रजिस्ट्रीकरण, पते में परिवर्तन, विवरणों में परिवर्तन और मोबाइल एप्लीकेशन के प्रयोग से स्वयं को दिव्यांग व्यक्ति के रूप में चिन्हित करने के लिए आवेदन करने में सहायता करने हेतु एक 'दिव्यांग एप' भी शुरू किया गया था । दिव्यांग व्यक्तियों के केवल सम्पर्क विवरणों को प्रविष्ट करते ही, बूथ स्‍तरीय अधिकारी के पास उनकी दहलीज तक सुविधाएं पहुंचाने के लिए संदेश पहुंच जाता है। दिव्यांग व्यक्ति मतदान के दौरान व्हीलचेयर की भी मांग कर सकते हैं । भारत निर्वाचन आयोग द्वारा नवीनतम प्रौद्योगिकी के प्रयोग से मौजूदा निर्वाचन प्रणाली का संवर्धन होने के अलावा नूतन निर्वाचन कार्यकलापों का भी प्रचार हुआ है । निर्वाचनों के प्रभावी संचालन के लिए, भारत निर्वाचन आयोग को निर्वाचनों की दिन-प्रतिदिन की प्रक्रियाओं में सुव्यवस्थित प्रौद्योगिकी के प्रयोग को समेकित करने का एक मार्ग प्राप्त हो गया है ।
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    सं.ईसीआई/प्रेनो/15/2019 दिनांक: 04 फरवरी, 2019 प्रेस नोट विषय:- आयोग की राजनैतिक दलों के प्रतिनिधियों के साथ बैठक। आज, निर्वाचन सदन में कुछ राष्‍ट्रीय और राज्‍य स्‍तरीय मान्‍यता प्राप्‍त राजनैतिक दलों का प्रतिनिधिमंडल आयोग से मिला। आयोग ने वोटर वेरीफाएबल पेपर ऑडिट ट्रेल मशीन (वीवीपीएटी) पर्चियों की गणना के सम्‍बन्‍ध में प्रतिनिधियों के सरोकारों संबंधी मांगों के बारे में सुना। आयोग ने राजनैतिक दलों को आश्‍वास्‍त किया कि उनके द्वारा उठाए गए मुद्दों पर विचार किया जाएगा और उनकी जांच की जाएगी । राजनैतिक दलों द्वारा किए गए प्रकथनों पर विचार करते हुए, आयोग विभि‍न्‍न माननीय न्‍यायालयों द्वारा दिए गए निर्णयों को ध्‍यान में रखेगा तथा साथ ही इस विषय पर भारतीय सांख्यिकीय संस्‍थान की रिपोर्ट शीघ्र अपेक्षित होने के अतिरिक्‍त, किसी प्रतिक्रिया को अंतिम रुप देने से पहले जमीनी स्‍तर पर समग्र प्रशासनिक और प्रचालानात्‍मक व्‍यवहार्यता को भी ध्‍यान में रखेगा।
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    ECI/PN/14/2019 25th January, 2019 Press Note National Voters’ Day celebrated on 25th January; President of India lauds initiatives being taken up by Election Commission in preparation for the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 The 9th National Voters’ Day (NVD) is celebrated across the country on 25th January 2019. The theme for NVD this year was ‘No Voter to be Left Behind’ reiterating the commitment of Election Commission of India (ECI) in view of the Lok Sabha elections due this year. Hon’ble President of India Sh. Ram Nath Kovind, while presiding over the National Function organized by ECI at Manekshaw Centre, Delhi hailed various interventions taken up by the Commission for conduct of free, fair and participative elections and particularly appreciated the initiatives for reaching out to voters in the remotest corner to enroll their names in the electoral roll and to encourage them to exercise the Right to Vote. Referring to his recent visit to Gir National Forest in Gujarat where he came to know about set up of a polling station in the remote location that too for a single voter, Shri Kovind lauded the efforts of ECI to make every vote count in consonance with the theme of the year. He said that the framers of our Constitution set up the Election Commission as an independent and constitutional body one day before the birth of the Republic of India. This reflects an immense regard and deep-rooted belief in democracy and the democratic spirit. Talking about the electoral process – beginning with the preparation of electoral rolls and concluding with the declaration of election results – he said it is difficult for an ordinary person to comprehend the complexity of the entire process. The President said that through all this, the credibility of Indian electoral system has continuously strengthened and Indian voters have a firm belief in the integrity, diligence, fairness and transparency of the election mechanism of the country. Applauding winners of the National Awards the President asked them to keep contributing to conduct of free and fair elections. Congratulating the new voters who were handed over the EPIC on this occasion, he asked them to take informed decision while casting their vote and said that their decision will define the future of the country. He said, Voters and Election Commission are most crucial to democracy and they compliment each other and also appreciated various initiatives taken by the Commission under the SVEEP programme particularly mentioning the Electoral Literacy Club (ELC) Programme and the All Women Managed Polling Station initiative. On receiving the inaugural issue of the new magazine of ECI he said that the magazine is most appropriately titled “My Vote Matters” and Every Vote counts equally in the formation of a government. Speaking on the same occasion, Sh Ravi Shankar Prasad, Union Minister, Law & Justice complimented ECI for the stellar role played by it for strengthening the Indian democracy. He lauded the courage, commitment and foresight shown by successive Commissions for conduct of free & fair elections and said that all should trust and believe the sanctity of the election process. Appreciating various initiatives of ECI for voter education and outreach he said voter education is integral to a good democracy. Earlier while addressing the audience, Shri Sunil Arora, Chief Election Commissioner reiterated Commission’s commitment to make elections more and more inclusive, voter friendly, transparent and festive and shared the new initiatives being taken up for efficient and effective connect with the voters and for strengthening the elector confidence. He briefed the audience about the cVIGIL initiative that provides time stamping proof of model code of conduct and expenditure violation by empowering every citizen to click a photo or video using Smartphone. In his welcome address, Shri Ashok Lavas, Election Commissioner briefed the audience about the significance of the day, saying that on this day we celebrate liberty and maturing of young minds into responsible citizens and thanked all stakeholders including voluntary organisations for their support. The First Issue of ECI’s quarterly bi-lingual magazine ‘My Vote Matters’ was presented by the Commission to the Hon’ble President of India. The new magazine hosts interesting and informative articles on many core subjects, new initiatives and topics of concurrent interest in elections, electoral processes and practices with the objective of developing a larger connect and interface with all the Stakeholders. As part of the regular NVD activity of felicitating the newly eligible voter, 6 young voters from Delhi were handed over their EPIC by the Hon’ble President. The National Awards for the Best Electoral Practices were conferred to Officers for outstanding performance in the conduct of elections. Special Awards were given to Departments and Officers from various departments for their contribution in smooth conduct of elections the general election to the Assemblies of 9 states in 2018. In addition, Awards were also given to CSOs and Media Houses who have made outstanding contribution in the field of voter awareness and outreach in these elections. (Brochure attached) Chief Election Commissioners and senior officials from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Kazakhstan, Maldives, Russia and Sri Lanka and Heads/Senior Representatives of International Organisations viz. Malaysian Commonwealth Studies Centre, U.K.; International Centre for Parliamentary Studies, U.K. and International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) graced the occasion and also visited the new campus of the India International Institute of Democracy and Election Management (IIIDEM) at Dwarka, New Delhi. Members of Political Parties, Members of Parliament besides Diplomats from various countries and representatives from national and international organizations working in the area of democracy and elections attended the National Voters’ Day function. The National Voters’ Day (NVD) is celebrated all over the country on January 25 every year since 2011 to mark the Foundation day of Election Commission of India, which was established on this day in the year 1950. The main purpose of the NVD celebration is to encourage, facilitate and maximize the enrollment, especially for the new voters. Dedicated to the voters of the country, the Day is utilized to spread awareness among voters for promoting informed participation in the electoral process.
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    सं. भा.नि.आ./प्रे.नो./13/2019 दिनांक 24 जनवरी, 2019 प्रेस नोट विषय : 25 जनवरी 2019 को मनाया जाने वाला नौवां राष्ट्रीय मतदाता दिवस पूरे देश में 25 जनवरी, 2019 को 6 लाख से अधिक स्थानों पर नौवां राष्ट्रीय मतदाता दिवस मनाया जाएगा जिसमें देश-भर के लगभग 10 लाख मतदान केन्द्रों को कवर किया जाएगा । राष्ट्रीय मतदाता दिवस के समारोह में नए मतदाताओं का सम्मान किया जाएगा और उन्हें उनके ईपीआईसी (निर्वाचक फोटो पहचान पत्र) दिए जाएंगे । भारत निर्वाचन आयोग द्वारा मानेकशॉ केन्द्र, दिल्ली छावनी में आयोजित किए जा रहे इस राष्ट्रीय समारोह में भारत के महामहिम राष्ट्रपति श्री राम नाथ कोविंद मुख्य अतिथि होंगे । श्री रवि शंकर प्रसाद, माननीय कानून मंत्री भी इस राष्ट्रीय समारोह की शोभा बढ़ाएंगे । आगामी लोकसभा निर्वाचन के मद्देनजर राष्ट्रीय मतदाता दिवस के थीम के रूप में “कोई भी मतदाता न छूटे” का चयन किया गया है । इस अवसर पर एक तिमाही पत्रिका, महत्वपूर्ण है मत मेरा, का शुभारंभ किया जा रहा है और आयोग द्वारा इसकी पहली प्रति महामहिम राष्ट्रपति जी को भेंट की जाएगी । निर्वाचनों के संचालन में उत्कृष्ट कार्य के लिए अधिकारियों को सर्वोत्तम निर्वाचन प्रक्रियाओं हेतु राष्ट्रीय पुरस्कार प्रदान किए जाएंगे । इसके अलावा, उन सिविल सोसायटी संगठनों और मीडिया हाउसों को भी पुरस्कार दिए जाएंगे, जिन्होंने मतदाता जागृति और आउटरीच के क्षेत्र में उत्कृष्ट योगदान दिया है । बंगला देश, भूटान, कजाखस्तान, मालदीव, रूस और श्रीलंका के मुख्य निर्वाचन आयुक्त और वरिष्ठ अधिकारी भी इस समारोह की शोभा बढ़ाएंगे । विभिन्न देशों के राजनयिकों और लोकतंत्र एवं निर्वाचनों के क्षेत्र में कार्यरत राष्ट्रीय एवं अंतरराष्ट्रीय संगठनों के प्रतिनिधियों के अलावा राजनैतिक दलों के सदस्यों, संसद सदस्यों द्वारा भी इस राष्ट्रीय समारोह में भाग लेने की आशा है । भारत निर्वाचन आयोग, जिसकी स्थापना वर्ष 1950 में इसी दिन हुई थी, का स्थापना दिवस मनाने के लिए वर्ष 2011 से प्रतिवर्ष 25 जनवरी को सारे देश में राष्ट्रीय मतदाता दिवस (एनवीडी) का आयोजन किया जाता है । राष्ट्रीय मतदाता दिवस समारोह का मुख्य उद्देश्य विशेष रूप से नए मतदाताओं के नामांकन को प्रोत्साहित करना, सुविधाजनक बनाना और अधिकाधिक बढ़ाना है । देश के मतदाताओं के प्रति समर्पित, इस दिवस का उपयोग निर्वाचन प्रक्रिया में जागरूक सहभागिता को बढ़ाने के लिए मतदाताओं में जागरूकता फैलाने हेतु किया जाता है ।
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    ECI/PN/12 /2019 24th January, 2019 PRESS NOTE ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA HOSTS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ‘MAKING OUR ELECTIONS INCLUSIVE AND ACCESSIBLE’ AND RENEWS MoU ON ELECTORAL COOPERATION WITH BHUTAN The Chief Election Commissioner of India, Shri Sunil Arora and Election Commissioner Shri Ashok Lavasa today inaugurated an International Conference on ‘Making our Elections Inclusive and Accessible’. ECI is hosting the International Conference on the occasion of 9th National Voters Day which is observed on 25th January every year. Chairpersons/Chief Election Commissioners / Commissioner and Senior Officials from Election Management Bodies (EMBs) viz. Bangladesh, Bhutan, Kazakhstan, Maldives, Russia & Sri Lanka and Heads/Senior Representatives of International Organisations viz. Malaysian Commonwealth Studies Centre, U.K.; International Centre for Parliamentary Studies, U.K. and International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) have gathered in New Delhi to participate in the event. In his Keynote Address, Sh. Sunil Arora, Chief Election Commissioner of India, stated that free, fair, transparent, credible and ethical elections are critical to the legitimacy of a democratic government. It is imperative that the voice of all categories of voters is included in democratic representation. Inclusive elections coupled with characteristics such as transparency, accountability and competitiveness add to the strength of democratic polity. Speaking specifically of the Indian context, he strongly affirmed that ECI is always open to all kinds of feedback in all forms from all stakeholders particularly the political parties who are the most significant stakeholders after the voters. He stated that ECI is not going to be intimidated, coerced or pressurized into going back to ballot papers days. The position has been consistently maintained by successive Commissions and the same will be maintained in the future. In ballot paper era there used to be innumerable complaints about impersonation and booth capturing by anti-social elements and musclemen etc. besides the inordinate delays in declaring results which sometimes spread from three to four days. We have kept a robust technical and administrative mechanism to safeguard the integrity of EVM. VVPATs have further enhanced the transparency of votes for the voters. In context of the recent aspersions cast on EVMs used in elections, Shri Arora denounced the targeting of the machines, which unnecessarily are being dragged into motivated slugfest. “EVMs have been in use for the last two decades. Even in several elections since 2014, the machines have given different results in different elections.” Shri Arora mentioned that even in the recent elections in the five States, out of a total of 176,000 Polling Booths where EVMs were used, there were six incidents of violation of Standard Operating Procedure, that too in reserved EVMs not used in the actual elections. “Although the ratio is negligible but even in these cases stringent disciplinary action was taken and ECI has and always will have zero tolerance to any kind of errors in the election process” he reiterated. Shri Arora also referred to the relevant UN Treaties viz; Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948 and the International Covenants on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) 1966 etc. which have guided and provided strength and support to democracies across the world in shaping up their constitutional, legislative, and legal framework for ‘Inclusive and Accessible Elections’. While addressing the participants, Election Commissioner, Sh. Ashok Lavasa mentioned that Election Commission of India has played a pioneering role in organizing free, fair and credible elections in a transparent manner in the largest democracy in the world and leads the way in sharing best practices and knowledge skills with fellow EMBs. He referred to the active role played by ECI in international arena in the field of Election Management through its close association with regional and world bodies like FEMBoSA, AAEA, A-WEB and International IDEA. In this regard ECI has provided technical assistance to several countries like Jordan, Maldives, Namibia, Egypt, Bhutan and Nepal; undertaken Study/Observation Missions for Elections to a number of countries abroad and exchange visits for sharing of experiences and skills as also helped with capacity building programmes. Sh. Lavasa said “it is a tribute to Indian people, our democracy and the election machinery that what started as a voter base of 176 million people in 1951 is now a vast vocal electorate of almost 880 million with a voting percentage of about 66.4 % in 2014” He noted that the better thing of the course is that the increase is across the spectrum, more women , more first time voters, more PwDs , more transgenders and more service voters. The next milestone is to improve it further and work towards ethical voting, he emphasised. In his welcome address, Mr. Umesh Sinha, Senior Deputy Election Commissioner briefed the delegates about the contours of the International Conference on ‘Making our Elections Inclusive and Accessible’. He mentioned that ECI has led the way in the path to democracy during the last 68 years by conducting 16 General Elections to the Lok Sabha and more than 388 elections to the State Legislative Assemblies. ECI is globally recognised today as an institution of repute in imparting knowledge and sharing of best practices and skills with other EMBs through its robust International Cooperation Programme. He highlighted various initiatives taken by the ECI under its flagship programme Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) for enhancing Inclusion among various categories of voters to encourage their electoral participation. He expressed the hope that the ideas and experiences shared at this Conference would provide useful takeaways for all stakeholders in this endeavour. During the one-day Conference, there were sessions with Heads and senior delegates from EMBs and International Organisations, giving their presentations and sharing of their experiences, best practices and initiatives aimed at electoral engagement, enrolment and active participation aiming towards inclusive and accessible ballot exercise in their respective countries. On the sidelines of the Conference ECI today also renewed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for cooperation in the field of election management with the Election Commission of Bhutan. To mark the occasion, ECI also released the January 2019 issue of its Quarterly Magazine ‘VOICE International’. The magazine carries rich experiences for knowledge sharing on Inclusive and Accessible Elections across the democracies around the world. The international delegates have also been invited to attend the National Voters Day Celebrations in New Delhi on 25th January 2019 besides visiting the upcoming campus of the India International Institute of Democracy and Election Management (IIIDEM) at Dwarka, New Delhi. Some of the delegates will also witness the celebration of the Republic Day on 26th January 2019.
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    फाइल नं. ईसीआई/प्रेस नोट/7/2019 दिनांक: 21 जनवरी, 2019 प्रेस नोट विषय:- भारत निर्वाचन आयोग द्वारा मतदाता जागरूकता पर रेडि‍यो जॉकी के लिए एक कार्यशाला का आयोजन करना। भारत निर्वाचन आयोग ने आकाशवाणी (ऑल इंडिया रेडियो) और विभि‍न्‍न निजी एफ एम चैनलों सहित प्रमुख एफ एम चैनलों के रेडियो जॉकी (आर जे) के लिए एक कार्यशाला का आयोजन किया। प्रमुख एफ एम चैनलों अर्थात बिग एफ एम, रेड एफ एम, फीवर 104 एफ एम, रेडियो नशा, इश्‍क एफ एम और रेडियो सिटी से कुल 19 रेडियो जॉकी ने 2 घंटे के इंटरएक्‍ट‍िव सत्र में भाग लिया, जहां उन्‍होंने मतदाता शि‍क्षा के प्रसार के लिए कई गतिविधि‍यों में भाग लिया। यह कार्यशाला मुख्‍य हितधारकों के साथ आयोग द्वारा आयोजित किए गए कार्यक्रम का एक हिस्‍सा है। एफ एम रेडियो ऐसे महत्‍वपूर्ण माध्‍यमों में से एक है, जो मतदाओं को निर्वाचन तंत्र से जोड़ता है। कार्यशाला का आयोजन रेडियो जॉकी को निर्वाचन प्रक्र‍िया से परिचि‍त करवाने के लिए किया गया था ताकि वे अपने श्रोताओं में सूचना के व्‍यापक और सटीक प्रचार-प्रसार करने में मदद कर सकें। सत्र की शुरूआत श्री ए.के.पाठक, सचिव, भारत निर्वाचन आयोग द्वारा कार्यशाला के परिचय के साथ हुई, जिसके बाद, प्रतिभागियों को लोक सभा निर्वाचन, 2019 से पहले और ईवीएम, वीवीपीएटी जागरूकता ‘निर्वाचक नामावली पर अपने विवरणों को सत्‍यापित करें’ संबंधी अभियान पर विशेष ध्‍यान देने के साथ आयोग द्वारा मतदाता शि‍क्षा की विभि‍न्‍न पहलों पर सूचना उपलब्‍ध करवाई गई थी। इसके बाद प्रतिभागियों ने मतदाता जागरूकता मंच/निर्वाचक साक्षरता क्‍लब्‍स के ‘अपने मतपत्र का निर्माण करें ’ नामक एक गतिविधि‍ के हिस्‍से के रूप में डमी मतपत्र बनाया। निदेशक, सुश्री पदमा आंगमो ने प्रतिभागियों के साथ बातचीत की, जिसमें उन्‍होंने अपने प्रश्‍नों पर चर्चा की और संगठि‍त तरीके से मतदाता जागरूकता पर ईसीआई के साथ सहयोग को आगे बढ़ाने का आश्‍वासन दिया। उनकी बातचीत के बाद एक क्‍वि‍ज हुआ, जिसमें रोचक प्रश्‍नों के माध्‍यम से मतदाता जागरूकता पर बुनियादी जानकारी दी गई। सत्र का समापन श्री सुजीत कुमार मिश्रा, अवर सचिव, भारत निर्वाचन आयोग के धन्‍यवाद ज्ञापन के साथ हुआ।
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    ECI/PN/6/2019 Dated: 14th January, 2019 Press Note Subject: Voter Awareness Forums shall be set up in Ministries, Departments and Other Institutions for promoting awareness on electoral process Voter Awareness Forums will be set up in Ministries, Government Departments, Non-Government Departments and other Institutions to promote electoral awareness. Election Commission of India will be briefing the Nodal Officers of Ministries, Government of India and a representative from Federations on 16th January 2019 at Pravasi Bhartiya Kendra, New Delhi. Similar briefing sessions are being held across the country by the Chief Electoral Officers and District Election Officers on the same day where nodal officers of Departments, Non-Govt Departments, CSOs, Corporate and Media Houses in the State and District are being briefed respectively. Voter Awareness Forums are informal Forums for generating awareness around electoral process through activities like discussions, quizzes, competitions and other engaging activities. All employees of the Organisation are expected to become members of the VAF with the Head of the Organisation acting as Chair of VAF. VAF is part of the Electoral Literacy Club programme of ECI. Launched on the 8th National Voters Day, 25th January 2018, the ELC programme envisages setting up of Electoral Literacy Club in every educational institution and Chunav Pathshala at every booth to cover those outside the formal education system. Around 2.11 Lakh ELCs have already been established across the country in the first year of the launch of the programme. The ELCs and Chunav Pathshala activities are conducted by the Convener using a resource Guide where step by step instructions are given for conducting each activity. Separate Resource books have been developed for Class IX, X, XI and XII. A calendar of activities in a year has also be indicated. Total of 6-8 activities, with specific learning outcome, running into approximately 4 hours in all, have been identified for each class.
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    ECI/PN/4/2019 Dated: 10th January, 2019 Press Note Subject: ECI to organize Two-Day Chief Electoral Officers’ Conference to review Poll Preparedness for the Lok Sabha Election 2019 The Election Commission of India is holding a two-day Conference on 11th & 12th January, 2019 of the Chief Electoral Officers (CEOs) to review poll preparedness of the forthcoming General Elections to the Lok Sabha, 2019. During the Conference, the Commission will discuss key issues related to poll preparedness such as Electoral Rolls, ERO Net, Polling Station arrangements, EVM-VVPAT preparations, Security Management, Accessibility to Persons with Disabilities, Voter Education, use of IT applications, provision for Budget, manpower and other resources and so on. Apart from reviewing the poll preparedness, the Commission will also discuss the takeaways and learnings from the recent poll gone States of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram, Rajasthan and Telangana. During the Conference, these CEOs will make their comprehensive presentations of their poll preparedness on all important parameters. The Commission desires from the CEOs that elections are made totally voter-friendly and accessible for Persons with Disabilities, Senior Citizens and Gender. The Commission has already directed the CEOs to build a campaign on various media platforms to register eligible citizens and voters; provide every facility for search of their names through website, SMS gateway and through Voter Facilitation Centre at every ERO level. The Commission has also directed all States to activate the voter helpline centre 1950 so that the grievances of the voters are promptly redressed. During this Conference, the Commission would review the status of facilitation provided to voters by both online and offline methods. The Commission has already given a checklist to all CEOs on each important parameter and detailed report has been sought from them on each point of checklist. The Commission will also review the status of vulnerability mapping, security planning, availability of police forces and their requirement during forthcoming Lok Sabha Election.
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    ECI/PN/3/2019 Dated: 10th January, 2019 Press Note Subject: Report of the Committee on Section 126 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951. The task of maintaining campaign silence during last 48 hours before the conclusion of polling is becoming increasingly onerous in the light of the increasing influence of digital media. So, apart from the regulation by law and ECI instructions, the resolve, proactive support and sustained effort by all stake holders which include political parties, media, civil society organizations, academia and educational institutions, the youth and citizens at large, will remain necessary to contain the evil impact. 2. The Committee constituted under the chairmanship of Sr. Deputy Election Commissioner Sh. Umesh Sinha to review and suggest modifications and changes in the provisions of the Section 126 and other sections of the Representation of the People Act 1951, provisions of Model Code of Conduct and any other ECI instruction in this regard has submitted its report today i.e. on 10th January, 2019 to the Commission. 3. The Committee had the following scope of work: (a) Study and examine the present provisions of the Section 126 and other related Sections of the Representation of the People Act, 1951 and identify difficulties/critical gaps to regulate the violation of the said provisions of the act, particularly during the prohibitory period of 48 hours before the completion of the poll, mentioned in section 126 and suggest necessary amendment/modification. (b) Examine the type, category or growth of communication technology or media platform in the country and difficulties in regulating these media platforms during multiphase election when prohibitory period of 48 hours are in force. (c) Impact of new media platforms and social media during the prohibitory period of 48 hours before the close of poll and its implication in view of the provisions of section 126. (d) Examine the present provisions of Model Code of Conduct (MCC) related to the above issues and suggest modification in this regard. 4. The Committee set up by the Commission included the representatives of Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Ministry of Law & Justice, Press Council of India, News Broadcasters Association apart from senior officers of the Commission. 5. The Committee had detailed consultations with all major stakeholders including various political parties, nominees/ representatives of the Press Council of India (PCI), the News Broadcasters Association (NBA), the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) as well as representatives of several intermediaries and technology companies including Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter, and Google. The Committee also had several rounds of discussions and consultations with the legal and other divisions within the ECI. 6. The recommendations made by the Committee, when implemented (after adoption by the ECI with necessary modification or additions), will help in minimizing the possible interference of activities which aim at indirectly influencing voters during the valuable silence period of 48 hours provided to them. The recommendations of the Committee will be considered by the Commission in detail for follow up action.
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    No.ECI/PN/2/2019 Dated: 7th January, 2019 Press Note Subject: Chief Election Commissioner of India reviews election preparedness in Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh in connection with Lok Sabha Elections- 2019 Sh. Sunil Arora, Chief Election Commissioner of India today reviewed the election preparedness of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh in connection with the forthcoming Lok Sabha Elections in 2019. The Commission while reviewing the poll preparedness took meeting with the Chief Electoral Officers of Punjab, Haryana and UT of Chandigarh and discussed various issues related to provision of Assured Minimum Facilities (AMFs) at the Polling Stations, strengthening of manpower and infrastructure of CEO’s offices, filling up of all vacant positions of elections functionaries at the field level, availability of EVMs/VVPATs and other election material, adequate budget provisions etc. The Chief Electoral officers of Punjab, Haryana Special Summary Revision (w.r.t 01-01-2019), Voter Helpline (1950) and other IT Applications. and UT of Chandigarh also briefed the CEC about the progress of This was followed by a comprehensive discussion with the Chief Secretary, DGP, Home Secretary and other senior Officials of Punjab and Haryana, as also with the Advisor to Administrator and other senior officials of Union Territory of Chandigarh on the various election related arrangements to be in place for the smooth and peaceful conduct of elections in a free, fair, inclusive, participative and credible manner. Sh. Arora emphasized the urgent need to create a comprehensive data base of PwD voters along with their PS-wise mapping to ensure that adequate assistance is provided to all PwD voters on day of Poll, which is very important to realize the Commission’s motto of ‘No Voter to be Left Behind’. The Chief Election Commissioner directed that forthcoming Lok Sabha Elections should be made voter friendly and all necessary facilitations should be provided specially to Persons with Disability, senior citizens and women. CEC also stressed on the imperative of imparting robust and comprehensive training to all election related officials, at all levels on the entire spectrum of election related matters including ERO-NET, BLO-NET, revision of Electoral Rolls and implementation of IT applications like Suvidha, Samadhan, Sugam, cVIGIL, and Electronically Transmitted Postal Ballot System (ETPBS). The review meeting was also attended by Shri Umesh Sinha, Senior Deputy Election commissioner, Shri Dhirendra Ojha, Director General and Shri Nikhil Kumar, Director.
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    No.ECI/PN/1/2019 Dated: 7th January, 2019 Press Note Subject: PGIMER New Academic Session inaugurated by the Chief Election Commissioner of India The Chief Election Commissioner of India, Shri Sunil Arora today inaugurated the new academic session of Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER) in Chandigarh. While delivering the inaugural address- "The Road Ahead- Opportunities and Challenges'', he said that constant upgradation of oneself in every respect is very essential in any institution to be at par with the ever-changing technological advancements in the world. January marks the beginning of the new academic session at the Institute which annually trains 400 postgraduate students in different specialties and super specialties in its various 50 departments. Sh. Sunil Arora also congratulated PGI for being ranked No. 2 amongst medical colleges of the country in the NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework), 2018. In this competitive world an institution has to constantly upgrade itself to stay abreast of the times, he said. Chief Election Commissioner of India, Sh. Sunil Arora addressing at the Inauguration of New Academic Session of the PGIMER He further stated that future medicine will possibly treat the human body in more dignified and less invasive manner and expressed belief that PGIMER Chandigarh will play its worthy role in this matter. Shri Arora also urged the medical students to keep their morale up even when challenged. He emphasized that ideas rule the world. Today we are not so much limited by access or resource as much by our own imagination. “Today’s medicine was yesterday’s research; and today’s research will become tomorrow’s medicine. So think out of the box”. PGIMER felicitates Chief Election Commissioner of India, Shri Sunil Arora “The PGIMER already has a glorious history of more than 50 years. The question is where we see it in 10, 20 and 50 years from now. The foresight, resolve and zeal of its present leadership will determine that”, he added.
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    PRESS NOTE Subject: Allocation of requisite EVMs and VVPATs across all Polling Stations underway – New EVM Management Software to manage inventory. The Election Commission of India is making all preparatory arrangements to ensure EVM VVPAT allocation well in time for General Elections across States. The mandatory First Level Checks and training to District Officers are also being ensured to meet the requirement of 100% VVPATs across approximately 10.6 lakh polling stations for the upcoming Lok Sabha Election in 2019. The Commission has been consistently reviewing the status of production and supply of EVMs and VVPATs with the CMDs of PSUs. Around 22.3 lakh Ballot Units, 16.3 lakh Control Units and nearly 17.3 lakh VVPATs will be used for the forthcoming elections in 2019. This number of machines includes the buffer stock for training as well as replacements. The EVM VVPAT inventory is securely managed through a robust tracking system to track all operations on machine movement, First Level Checks, randomization, poll day defects. A more user friendly EVM management Software will be pilot tested in the forthcoming Assembly elections in selected Districts namely Ajmer, Indore, Durg, Aizawl and Mehboobnagar. Till date, Electronic Voting Machines have been used in 113 General Elections of State Assemblies and 3 Lok Sabha Elections since 2000. Use of EVMs has ended the days of booth capturing and the delays and errors in counting of ballot papers. Also during the ballot paper era, large number of votes in each Assembly Constituency ended up being invalid. There have been instances of invalid votes being higher than even the winning margin in several elections. Addition of Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) to the EVM has helped strengthen the voters’ trust and transparency of the voting process. A VVPAT is an independent printer system attached with the Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) that allows the voters to verify that their votes are cast as intended. VVPAT slips will be visible to the voter for seven seconds behind the transparent screen of VVPAT, before falling into the sealed compartment at the base of the machine. The specially designed thermal paper, to be used in the VVPAT is capable of retaining the printout for more than five years so that the printout is available for manual verification by the Court, if required in need of a dispute for cross checking the counting of votes cast. So far, VVPATs have been used in 933 State Assembly Constituencies and 18 Parliamentary Constituencies. Till date, VVPATs have been used in all ACs at 100% polling stations during the General Assembly Elections in 7 States, namely, Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura and Karnataka, held in 2017-18. Since December 2017, Commission has been suomoto doing a verification of VVPAT count from one randomly selected Polling Station selected per Assembly Constituency. VVPAT slips of 873 VVPATs machines have been counted till now and each of these has exactly matched the count taken from EVMs. The EVMs and VVPATS being used in the ECI election process are manufactured only at the two premium PSUs - Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL) and Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) under the technical expertise of an independent Technical Expert Committee and supervision of the Election Commission making them absolutely tamper proof. sd-- (Pawan Diwan) Under Secretary
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    No. ECI/PN/68/2018 Dated: 6th October, 2018 PRESS NOTE Subject:- Summary revision of Electoral Rolls w.r.t. 01-01-2018 as qualifying date in the State of Telangana - Extension of time of final publication of electoral roll from 8th October, 2108 to 12th October, 2018 In order to effectively process the huge numbers of claims and objections received during 2nd Special Summary Revision of Photo Electoral Rolls in the State of Telangana with reference to 01-01-2018, Commission has extended the date of final publication of Electoral Rolls from 8th October, 2018 to 12th October, 2018. (Pawan Diwan) Under Secretary  
  17. 81 downloads

    No. ECI/PN/67/2018 Dated: 6th October, 2018 PRESS NOTE Subject : Schedule for bye-elections to fill casual vacancy in the Lok Sabha from Parliamentary Constituencies of Karnataka and State Legislative Assemblies of Karnataka – Regarding. There are three clear vacancies in the Lok Sabha from Parliamentary Constituencies of Karnataka, which need to be filled up: Sl. No. State Number & Name of Parliamentary Constituency 1 Karnataka 14 – Shimoga PC 2 Karnataka 9 – Bellary (ST) PC 3 Karnataka 20 – Mandya PC There are two clear vacancies in the State Legislative Assembly of Karnataka, which need to be filled up: Sl. No. State Number & Name of Assembly Constituency 1 Karnataka 183–Ramanagaram AC 2 Karnataka 21– Jamkhandi AC After taking into consideration various factors like local festivals, electoral rolls, weather conditions etc., the Commission has decided to hold bye-elections to fill these vacancies as per the programme mentioned as under: - Poll Events Schedule Date of Issue of Gazette Notification 9.10.2018 (TUE) Last Date of Nominations 16.10.2018 (TUE) Date for Scrutiny of Nominations 17.10.2018 (WED) Last Date for Withdrawal of candidatures 20.10.2018 (SAT) Date of Poll 03.11.2018 (SAT) Date of Counting 06.11.2018 (TUE) Date before which election shall be completed 08.11.2018 (THU) ELECTORAL ROLL The Electoral Rolls for all the aforesaid Lok Sabha and Assembly Constituencies have been finally published w.r.t 01.01.2018. ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES (EVMs) and VVPATs The Commission has decided to use EVMs and VVPATs in the bye-elections in all the polling stations. Adequate numbers of EVMs and VVPATs have been made available and all steps have been taken to ensure that the polls are conducted smoothly with the help of these machines. IDENTIFICATION OF VOTERS In consonance with the past practice, the Commission has decided that the voter’s identification shall be mandatory in the aforementioned bye- elections at the time of poll. Electoral Photo Identity Cards (EPIC) shall be the main document of identification of a voter. However, in order to ensure that no voter is deprived of his/her franchise, if his/her name figures in the Electoral Rolls, separate instructions will be issued to allow additional documents for identification of voters at the time of poll in the said bye-elections. MODEL CODE OF CONDUCT The Model Code of Conduct shall come into force with immediate effect in the district(s) in which the whole or any part of the Parliamentary/Assembly Constituency going for bye-election is included, subject to partial modification as issued vide Commission’s instruction No. 437/6/INST2016-CCS, dated 29th June, 2017 (available on the Commission’s website). The Model Code of Conduct shall be applicable to all candidates, political parties and the State Government concerned. The Model Code of Conduct shall also be applicable to the Union Government for the State concerned. (SUMIT MUKHERJEE) PRINCIPAL SECRETARY
  18. 763 downloads

    No. ECI/PN/66/2018 Dated: 6th October, 2018 PRESS NOTE Subject: Schedule for the General Elections to the Legislative Assemblies of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Mizoram & Telangana, 2018. The terms of the Legislative Assemblies of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan & Mizoram are normally due to expire as follows: State From To Assembly Seat Chhattisgarh 06.01.2014 05.01.2019 90 Madhya Pradesh 08.01.2014 07.01.2019 230 Rajasthan 21.01.2014 20.01.2019 200 Mizoram 16.12.2013 15.12.2018 40 The Governor of Telangana vide his order dated 06.09.2018 has dissolved the Telangana Legislative Assembly with immediate effect. By virtue of its powers, duties and functions under Article 324 read with Article 172(1) of the Constitution of India and Section 15 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951, and the Judgement of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in Special Reference No. 1 of 2002, the Commission is required to hold general elections to constitute the new Legislative Assemblies in the States of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan & Mizoram before expiry of their present terms and in the State of Telangana, where the State Legislative Assembly has been prematurely dissolved, within a period of six months from the date of premature dissolution of the Assembly i.e. by 05.03.2019.
  19. 118 downloads

    Schedule for bye-election to fill casual vacancies in the Lok Sabha from Parliamentary Constituencies of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh and in the State Legislative Assembly of Bihar – Regarding. (Bilingual)
  20. 55 downloads

    General Elections to Legislative Assemblies of Meghalaya, Nagaland & Tripura, 2018 – Media Coverage during the period referred to in Section 126 of RP Act, 1951. bilingual
  21. 34 downloads

    Schedule for bye-election from 23-Akbarpur (SC) Parliamentary Constituency in the State of Uttar Pradesh to fill casual vacancy in the House of the People of that State.
  22. 58 downloads

    Modification in the Schedule for bye-elections to fill three casual vacancies in the Legislative Assembly of West Bengal – regarding.
  23. 43 downloads

    Schedule for bye-election from 25-Gunnaur Assembly Constituency in the State of Uttar Pradesh to fill casual vacancy in Legislative Assembly of that state.

ईसीआई मुख्य वेबसाइट

eci-logo.pngभारत निर्वाचन आयोग एक स्‍वायत्‍त संवैधानिक प्राधिकरण है जो भारत में निर्वाचन प्रक्रियाओं के संचालन के लिए उत्‍तरदायी है। यह निकाय भारत में लोक सभा, राज्‍य सभा, राज्‍य विधान सभाओं और देश में राष्‍ट्रपति एवं उप-राष्‍ट्रपति के पदों के लिए निर्वाचनों का संचालन करता है। निर्वाचन आयोग संविधान के अनुच्‍छेद 324 और बाद में अधिनियमित लोक प्रतिनिधित्‍व अधिनियम के प्राधिकार के तहत कार्य करता है। 

मतदाता हेल्पलाइन ऍप

हमारा मोबाइल ऐप ‘मतदाता हेल्‍पलाइन’ प्‍ले स्‍टोर एवं ऐप स्टोर से डाउनलोड करें। ‘मतदाता हेल्‍पलाइन’ ऐप आपको निर्वाचक नामावली में अपना नाम खोजने, ऑनलाइन प्ररूप भरने, निर्वाचनों के बारे में जानने, और सबसे महत्‍वपूर्ण शिकायत दर्ज करने की आसान सुविधा उपलब्‍ध कराता है। आपकी भारत निर्वाचन आयोग के बारे में हरेक बात तक पहुंच होगी। आप नवीनतम  प्रेस विज्ञप्ति, वर्तमान समाचार, आयोजनों,  गैलरी तथा और भी बहुत कुछ देख सकते हैं। 
आप अपने आवेदन प्ररूप और अपनी शिकायत की वस्‍तु स्थिति के बारे में पता कर सकते हैं। डाउनलोड करने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें। आवेदन के अंदर दिए गए लिंक से अपना फीडबैक देना न भूलें। 

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